1.    Know your family history. Similarly as with numerous restorative conditions, family history is a key marker of bone wellbeing.

2.    Boost calcium utilization. This mineral is crucial for the correct advancement of teeth and bones.

3.    Don't overlook the vitamin D. The two work together to help the body ingest bone-boosting calcium.

4.    Boost bone thickness with vitamin K. Vitamin K is for the most part known for assisting with blood coagulating.

5.    Pump up the potassium: it's a mineral that helps nerves and muscles impart furthermore helps cells evacuate waste.

6.    Make activity a need. Truly. Customary activity is critical to keep various wellbeing issues under control, and bone wellbeing is no special case.

7.    Consume less caffeine. Caffeine has some medical advantages, however sadly not for our bones. A lot of it can meddle with the body's capacity to assimilate calcium.

8.    Quit smoking. Numerous studies have demonstrated that smoking can keep the body from proficiently retaining calcium, diminishing bone mass.

9.    Cool it on the firewater. Be that as it may, similar to caffeine, there's no compelling reason to stop altogether. While overwhelming liquor utilization can bring about bone misfortune.

10.    Don't be a space explorer. Not to kill any youth dreams, but rather on account of those hours

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