Crush the Glutes

There is no lift you will do in the rec center that can't be enhanced by pressing the glutes.


What is it about the way that you are resting that makes individuals neglect to breath?

Fix the Lats

On the off chance that there's any sort of wobble on the bar (and there frequently is), it's in all probability on the grounds that you have to work harder through the lats.

Set Your Hooks Correctly

The greater part of individuals I see sidelining set their J-snares too low.

Set Yourself Correctly

For f***'s purpose quit sidelining so far up the seat that you hit the pins in transit move down.

Grasp Width

Your grasp in the seat press ought to be the same as your hand separating for your push up

Pull the Bar Down to You

The bar doesn't choose how quick it's going to descend or where it's going to touch you're midsection.

Hold Your Shoulders Down on the Bench

You're propping, breathing, and getting tight from the toes through to the middle.

Push Through the Floor

Be straightforward, do you really get drive through the floor when you are pushing the bar?


For each of those reps, you should be doing two reps of lines.

Train With a Spotter

Preparing with a spotter will permit you to permit yourself to work at you're potential.

Stop When the Speed Slows

The sort of reps where your entire body feels like it needs to ascend off the seat to help the bar.

Presently, Go Bench

You as of now have the quality to take your seat to the following level.

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