1.    Identify guilty parties - First, you'll need to make sense of which applications are sucking without end your battery life most.

2.    Manage Background App Refresh
- Just like with iOS 7, the most recent Apple programming accompanies Background App Refresh set to "on."

3.    Cool it with notice gadgets - iOS 8 at long last has gadgets that you can access from Notification Center — simply draw down from the highest point of the screen and alter you're Today see

4.    Shut down parallax - Some individuals like how Apple's parallax highlight makes it appear like the wallpaper can move behind the applications.

5.    Stop area following applications - Location-following applications can be awesome for when you require GPS bearings or regardless of the possibility that you need to keep a geo-log of where you take your photos,

6.    Turn down the brilliance - This may appear glaringly evident, yet your presentation is depleting your battery, and there's no compelling reason to have it sparkle any brighter than would normally be appropriate.

7.    Don't bring - We comprehend the consistent should be associated and not miss messages, but rather the bring capacity — which pushes email warnings to your homescreen.

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