•    The measure of calcium in your eating regimen. An eating routine low in calcium adds to lessened bone thickness, early bone misfortune and an expanded danger of breaks.

•    Physical movement. Indivi
duals who are physically dormant have a higher danger of osteoporosis than do their more-dynamic partners.

•    Tobacco and liquor utilization. Exploration recommends that tobacco utilization adds to feeble bones.

•    Gender, size and age. You're at more serious danger of osteoporosis in case you're a lady, on the grounds that ladies have less bone tissue than do men.

•    Race and family history. You're at most serious danger of osteoporosis in case you're white or of Asian plunge. Likewise, having a guardian or kin who has osteoporosis puts you at more serious danger — particularly in the event that you additionally have a family history of breaks.

•    Hormone levels. An excess of thyroid hormone can bring about bone misfortune. In ladies, bone misfortune increments drastically at menopause because of dropping estrogen levels.

•    Eating issue and different conditions. Individuals who have anorexia or bulimia are at danger of bone misfortune. What's more, stomach surgery (gastrectomy),

•    Certain drugs. Long haul utilization of corticosteroid prescriptions, for example, prednisone, cortisone, prednisolone and dexamethasone, ar

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