Health is defined as the complete mental, physical and spiritual integrity and stability of a person. A healthy body has a healthy mind. This healthy mind attributes to the spiritual calmness of a person as well. With that said, the need of a perfectly balanced healthy diet for a person to function to their fullest becomes authentic. Over the course of years, dietitians and medical professionals have carried out extensive researches to figure out the best diet plans for different individuals. Consequently, the standard of health and living have majorly been elevated during the last few decades.

Your Nutritional Needs:

The nutritional needs of a human body is a complex set of certain organic and inorganic substances that are utilized by the human organ systems. These substances are termed as nutrients. The basic nutrients required by a human body to function properly are briefed below:

- Carbohydrates: Commonly referred to as Carbs by dieticians, carbohydrates are sugars that our body and brain need. This is the sole source of nutrition and energy for the human brain.

- Proteins: These constitute mostly the muscle mass of our body. Other than that, these are involved as a structural and functional component of many essential working factories our body.

- Fats and Lipids: These are the major energy stores of the body. Fats are high energy components that play a major role in meeting the energy requirements of our body. Lipids and fats also play many functional and structural roles in the body.

- Vitamins: Vitamins are required for the functional stability of the body. This is evident by the hazardous effects caused by the absence of vitamins in malnutritioned individuals.

- Ionic balance: It is necessary for a healthy diet plan to supplement the body with all the required ions in the human body.

Healthy diet plans:

In the modern world where our lives have become so fast, everyone looks for easy healthy meal ideas. Following are some meals that can facilitate you in meeting your nutritional needs:

- An easy and healthy breakfast meal combination is a bowl of mixed fruits to meet your carbs and vitamin needs supplemented by an omelette egg to fulfill your protein requirements. Finish it with a glass or two of water or a fruit cocktail and this breakfast shall keep your up and running for hours.

- Mixing yogurt with nuts and almonds with give you a scrumptious and healthy breakfast. Supplement this with a glass of milk and you are sure to stay healthy.

- Smoothies are a simple and easy healthy breakfast. Complement it with an apple to make it a perfect quick healthy breakfast.

- Mashed potatoes with two baked fillet of chicken or beef, complemented by steamed vegetables is perfect quick healthy lunch plan.

- A dinner has to be light. It should contain high nutrition but should not put a lot of load on your GI tract. For this, opt for a brown wheat sandwich filled mostly with vegetables as onions, capsicum, cabbage, tomatoes, olives, jalapeƱos and pickles. Add a little amount of chicken to it to enhance the taste.


The bottom line is, you have to meet the nutritional needs of your body smartly. Make sure you add a little of every nutrients. It becomes usually difficult to meet the vitamin requirements, and vitamin supplements are a good alternative for it. But it is always advised to go for vegetables and fruits to meet this need. A healthy body has a healthy mind, and these easy healthy meal ideas are sure to help you keep your body healthy.

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