1.    Stop smoking. - Long-term introduction to natural toxins can bring about COPD yet the principle guilty party, especially in the U.S.

2.    Take solution. - It is essential to take drug, and if there are issues, patients ought to chat with their specialists.
3.    Mind your weight. - People who are extremely debilitated with COPD utilize such a great amount of vitality to inhale that they can have issues putting on weight 

4.    Avoid toxins. - Like individuals with asthma and other lung conditions, COPD patients can be influenced by things in nature – exhaust 

5.    Stay sound. - People with COPD have bargained lungs and can have a troublesome time "shaking off" a disease. 

6.    Sleep well. - MacIntyre says quite a few people with COPD likewise have rest disorderssuch as rest apnea or hypoventilation. 

7.    Go for pneumonic recovery - Everyone with COPD - and, specifically, individuals who use oxygen or have shortness of breath while doing day by day exercises.

8.    Do breathing activities - There are two fundamental activities that are polished in recovery to help individuals with COPD enhance their relaxing.

9.    Get dynamic - Though somebody who can't inhale well may not feel like working out.

10.    Get oxygen treatment if your COPD is serious. - The one day by day treatment that is demonstrated to drag out life for individuals with serious COPD is oxygen.

11.    Learn about lung transplant surgery. - Four years prior, Olson had a right lung transplant. His chances of survival weren't extraordinar

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